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The unemployment quagmire has hit virtually every country, most companies are going lean and the recent trend in automation is even worsening the matter. The result is that job search is becoming a bit herculean and a sort of survival of the fittest. To get a job today, job seekers need to know the most […]

After going through some of the resumes submitted for a job opening at the organization he works, Mike was starting to feel irritated, tired and bored. Mike is the hiring manager. Why? They were similar, nothing spectacular or unique and the position available at Mike’s organization requires an out-of-the-box thinker. The position requires a unique […]

Creating that perfect resume should not be a lengthy and rigorous process in 2018. It should be a simple yet efficient process. Even better, it could be done instantly thanks to ready made resume templates. Many sites offer free and paid resume templates but they often require you to work round the clock to get […]