Creative Resume Template

After going through some of the resumes submitted for a job opening at the organization he works, Mike was starting to feel irritated, tired and bored. Mike is the hiring manager.

Why? They were similar, nothing spectacular or unique and the position available at Mike’s organization requires an out-of-the-box thinker. The position requires a unique individual, one with a creative mind.

Mike asked himself “if the applicants cannot be creative with their resume then how can they handle the responsibilities of this position.”

The first impression is vital when dealing with hiring managers. Your resume is your first impression.

This is why you need to submit a creative resume template.

A creative resume stands out. It shows you are bold and an out-of-the-box thinker. Most importantly, it shows you are not lazy. That you put in the extra effort. These characteristics are to a hiring manager like Mike what bones are to a dog.

When applying for a graphics designer or digital analyst’s position, a creative resume is preferred. It shows your creativity, boldness, and willingness to be different.

At Resume Market, we have several templates to help you write a creative resume. Our creative resume templates are unique, colorful, beautiful and well-detailed.

They are designed to present your skills, work experience and qualification in a visually delightful manner.

Features of a Creative Resume Template

A creative resume template helps you create non-traditional resumes thanks to some of its features. Some creative resumes contain Infographics, videos, vines, gifs, graphs, and pictures.

Their designs are also modern and non-conventional.

These features are great for certain job openings. Especially, openings for a graphics designer, social media marketer, architects, economists, digital analysts, and writers.

If vines, videos, charts, and graphs are too much for you, we have much streamlined creative resume templates to use. Creative resume templates that can help you create traditional resumes that are standouts.

Pros of a Creative Resume Templates

Creative resumes templates have plenty of advantages. Here are a few:

1. Organized Resume

The most important reason to use a creative resume template is organization. Templates, generally, help you create organized resumes.

This is so because the information a hiring manager seeks is listed on the template and in the right format. Making it easier for recruiters to see your qualifications, skills, and experience.

An organized resume also sends a positive message to a prospective employer. Telling him or her that you are an organized person.

With a creative resume template, the organization is even enhanced. There are spaces for extras like info-graphics and charts.

2. Great First Impression

Your resume is your introduction to your prospective employers. So, it has to be perfect and appealing. It does not need to scream for attention but it should grab the hiring manager’s attention.

So, what makes a resume great? It has to be unique and this is what our creative resume templates are, unique. We ensure your first impression is great. Not good, great!

Our templates are well-detailed, designed to industry standards, very creative and exceptional. With templates, you are going to leave a lasting impression.

3. Saves Time

With templates, you can create an eye-popping, well-detailed and well-structured creative resume in less than an hour. That’s how quick and easy it is.

This is great in cases whereby you are applying for a job that requires a resume different from your current one.

Let’s say your prospective employer wants a creative resume that is unconventional, something with vines, gifs or info-graphics and your current resume is traditional. With time not on your side, you can simply download one of our templates and fill it.

This saves you time and stress. It is a lifesaver in cases in which you got to know about the job opening late – say few hours to the deadline – and do not have a ready resume to submit.

4. Simplifies the Process of Creating a Creative Resume

With a template, you do not need great designing skills or be a photoshop expert. Little or no experience does not matter. What matters is that you have your template and a computer.

Without the need to create anything from scratch, you are left with simple tasks such as filling the parts of the template, picking the right font, font size, and colors.

You also do not need to worry about what information you have not filled in yet as our templates contain everything you need. Just fill it.

5. Cost

It is no news that professional resume writers’ charges are high. If you need a creative resume that is unconventional, you can be sure they will charge more.

Say you wish to add videos, pictures, info-graphics, and charts to your resume, they are going to charge you for these additions.

With templates, you have no need to worry about extra costs. Our templates are very affordable and are created by our team of professional resume writers.

So, you get a professional creative resume for a much cheaper price.

A creative resume needs to be professional and neatly done. Otherwise, it will make you seem like a joker in the eyes of your recruiter. So, instead of helping you get that job, it will push you farther away from it.

It should have more info than a traditional resume and be concise and straight to the point.

This is why we advise that you use a creative resume template. Templates serve as a guide. They help you design resumes that are industry standard. Show your prospective employer that you are organized and willing to put more effort into getting the job done by submitting a standout resume.