Resume Template Instant Download

Resume Template Instant Download

Creating that perfect resume should not be a lengthy and rigorous process in 2018. It should be a simple yet efficient process. Even better, it could be done instantly thanks to ready made resume templates.

Many sites offer free and paid resume templates but they often require you to work round the clock to get what you want.

Sometimes, the process is tedious due to the heavy technicalities involved. Creating a resume on such websites is near impossible for many of us that are not technical or just like things simple.

What if all you need is a ready made yet well-detailed resume? Well-detailed enough to include all the information a hiring manager seeks when scouting for new employees.

Resume Market allows you download instant resume templates to simplify the process of drafting a resume. All you need do is fill up the blank spaces with the necessary information. Yes, it is that easy with our instant resume templates.

What is an Instant Resume Template?

An instant resume template is simply an already designed resume template.

As a customer, all you need do is go through the different templates available on a site and pick the one you want. This saves you the troubles involved in designing a resume from scratch and the cost involved in getting a professional resume writer.

Features of a Good Instant Resume Template

That it is an instant resume template does not mean it has to be bad. Remember your resume is your first chance to impress a hiring manager. You would not want your first impression to be negative, would you?

No, you do not and we do not want that for you too.

Here are the four features to look out for in a good instant resume template:

Sleek Look:

looks are They are the first thing a hiring manager sees. We are not saying your resume has to be pretty, with bright colors popping everywhere.
No, that is not what we are saying.

What we are saying is that it needs to visually appealing. The font needs to be perfect and professional. Design should be minimal. It should have the right blend of colors, so, it is easy on the eyes and appealing visually.

Well Detailed:

our templates contain all the information your potential employer seeks to know about you.
Our experienced resume template designers know what employers in different industries want to know about you before they pick you. So, they have put them in our templates. Name, contact – online and offline -, work experience, skills, education, and references.

Proper Structure:

if the resume lacks a proper structure then it will confuse whoever you are sending it to. That is not a good way to introduce yourself to a potential employer.
Our resumes are designed by experienced professionals. Each template is well-structured and your information is positioned in the right hierarchy.

From the introduction to skills or area of expertise to education to work history to professional affiliations.


our resume templates are simple for many reasons. They are simple, so, you can fill your information in them without guidance but most importantly because your potential employer will be going through many resumes.

Not just yours.

He or she should not have to waste much time comprehending yours.

All features stated above are present in every instant resume templates we have at Resume Market.

Now that we have discussed what instant resume templates are and the features that make a resume template excellent. Let us look at the reasons to buy resume template from us.

5 Reasons to download Our Instant Resume templates

Why should you buy our instant resume templates? There are folks who write resumes for a living, why not them? Why not create a resume yourself with the many paid software available? Or go for our competitors?

We know you have all these questions on your mind and we will answer them.

We are interested in creating a long-lasting relationship with you and are eager to prove our resume templates are the best for you.

Few reasons you should buy from us:

Cost: our instant resume templates will not dig a hole in your pocket. We offer pocket-friendly prices. A professional resume writer will cost you a lot and you might not have options with him or her.
With us, you have several options for an affordable fee.

We offer different templates, each for different purpose and industry and, you get them at unbelievable prices. Talking about value for money.

Industry Design Standard:

we do not just design resume templates. We help create resumes that follow the latest industry design trends.
Resumes with the right features and structure. With information arranged in the right hierarchy.

Our professional resume template designers have been doing this for a while, they know what it is required and accepted in different industries.

Time: with our instant resume template, you do not need to waste time to get a resume. It is ready made, just fill in your details and submit.
You do not have to wait days or weeks for a resume writer to get you your resume. You also do not need to spend hours DIY-ing it yourself.

We have done everything, just download, fill in your details and send.

Ease of Use:

our templates are so easy to use. You can fill in your information without guidance and add whatever extra info you wish to add. We also ensure our templates are easy to go through by hiring managers.
We do not use distracting colors and we detail your information in the right hierarchy.

Starting with introductions, which contains your name and contact, down to work history, education and reference.

Resumes do not land you jobs. They, instead, offer you an opportunity to impress a potential employer. Your first impression is key in the landing that job and we want to help make your first impression perfect. Free from blemishes!

We are offering templates for every industry including yours at very affordable prices without compromising quality. Visit the Resume Market shop and get you a job-landing resume template.

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